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Dear friends and family,

We know we”ve been talking about our volunteer trip to Kenya for so long, and you”ve been lovingly listening to all the details as we”ve been developing the trip. We wanted to share with you where we are now!

We have started an online fund-raising campaign to raise money for our volunteer trip to Kenya, and to help complete the projects there. The website for the campaign is:

You”ll be able to watch a video we made on that website explaining more about the project, but in short, our in-country goals are these:
1. Build a teacher-housing complex. This has been a huge request and will eliminate their need to spend their own money and time paying taxis to take them to and from the school and their homes
2. Ready the school to have power brought from the nearby village. This complete project is a huge cost, not covered by the campaign, but a huge start to raising the funds and moving the school closer to having power
3. Update some necessaries on the school”s farm
4. Help with teacher salaries and school supplies for the children
5. Leave them with all the money left over to save for the power project and update and/or finish the projects we are starting.

What we are asking from you:
1. Visit the site and consider donating
2. Share this email on a bulletin board at your church — in the year or so that we have been planning this trip, we”ve met many people along the way (at different CS churches, at Summer Session at Principia, at Family Camp, etc) who said they would love to support Petals, and now that we have a campaign, we”re not sure how to get in touch with all those people. So please, help us get the word out!
3. Consider sharing this email with your friends and family, on your social media pages, or with people in your workplace
4. Consider having something you are already doing as a fund-raiser (concert, bake sale, garage sale, etc.)
5. If you have ideas about how to promote a campaign or fund-raise successfully, please let us know what more we could be doing!

Thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts, for anything you can do to support us – financial support, moral support, spiritual support, etc. We really appreciate you!

Eddie & Mary Beth

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