We already knew I loved babies– and it’s a good thing too, since I’m going to be an aunt soon 🙂 But I also adore baby animals, so naturally I was drawn to all the baby chicks running around. Eddie was kind enough to indulge my obsession and went so far as to army-crawl across the grass just to get better photos of the cuteness! We both really enjoyed the way these particular chicks stayed close to their momma and we watched as they hid under her feathers when an eagle was circling overhead.

037 IMGL3574

036 IMGL3537016 IMGL2291036 IMGL3337036 IMG_4606

This particular chick is our favorite because we love the sassy look!

038 IMGL3605039 IMGL3625040 IMGL3630

We were thrilled when Lilian facilitated a time when we could take turns holding a baby chick and nuzzling with it.

040 IMGL4400041 IMGL4416

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