Jeddah, then Nairobi


The 12-hour flight to Jeddah, Saudia Arabia seemed to fly by (pun intended), but for the 20-hour layover in a bustling airport that never sleeps, time seemed to stand still. We watched as hundreds of people prayed, kneeling next to a trash can, bowing their faces to ground as the loud speaker blared announcements of boarding flights. The sunrise was a gift, a beautiful pink-orange promise of progress, as we ate breakfast in the cafe and read about Kenyan safaris and Asian adventures to come.

Jeddah Airport
Sleeping in Jeddah. Yes, we both fit in there.

After a brief flight, we landed in Nairobi, passed easily through immigration and customs, and were quickly on our way to the home of our friends, the Orth-Moore family. David is the East Africa Regional Director for Catholic Relief Services and the family has lived in many countries. Consequently, the children are some of the most open, accepting, and culturally-aware youth that you could ever meet. If you don’t already know them, we hope you’ll have the privilege of feeling a part of their family some day! We are loving every moment together: eating delicious meals, jumping on the trampoline, touring the kids’ international school, attending Jordan’s basketball game, playing crazy balloon games with Tessa, and hearing about what it’s like to grow up in Africa.

Some of the wonderful Orth-Moore family: Sam, Shea, and David!

We are enjoying feeling at home in their home and taking advantage of some time to experience Nairobi. At 5,500 feet above sea level, the city has perfect weather almost year-round. We love the lush green plants and hibiscus, the people are as warm as the sun and the lifestyle feels as laid back as the cool breeze. The city is well-developed and we can easily find any amenity we’re accustomed to having, the highlight of which is the fresh fruit. We’ve had fresh mango and mango-lime smoothies almost every day–we could definitely get used to this!
On Sunday, we were greeted warmly at the Christian Science church, which is located on a hill overlooking downtown.

First Church Nairobi
First Church Nairobi
Bird of Paradise flower
Riding in the Orth-Moore’s matatu – the common safari truck. It has an exhaust pipe that empties out above the roof in case you ford a river, and a roof that opens up for animal watching. Pretty awesome.

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